Logworld is a pet hotel (kennels) in Chiba Togane.
We have pick-up service from Tokyo Haneda Narita airport and your home.

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The preparation for natural disasters


In case of natural disasters such as an earthquake,
we have installed equipment as follows.

  • Reinforced earthquake-proof dogs' houses.
  • Reserved water pumped from under 70 meters with a big electric pump of 200 volts.
    Note: The water quality has been inspected.
  • We operate a well pump with a big generator if electricity stops.
    Note: The generator was made in Japan and uses both 100 volts and 200 volts.
    We maintain the equipment once a week.
  • In case of a cut off to the fuel supply, we have LP gas, gasoline, light oil and kerosene whose amount is in accordance with the law.
  • We have a fireplace and firewood to save fuel for cooking and heating.
  • In case of difficulty in getting food, we have stockpiled food for both people and dogs for three weeks.
  • The other important point is that we have a camp tent for 8 people and an indoor tent for 8 people in our separate building made of steel in the event that disasters occur.

If a disaster occurs while you are traveling abroad, Logworld works on caring for your beloved dogs and Logworld will make a maximum effort in order for your pet to stay here safely, without any stress.

Schedule of the day

AM 7:00 ~ Get up > Toilet > Short walk
Breakfast > Play in the dogrun
AM10:00 ~ Play with friends or take a nap
depending on their age and health condition.
PM17:00 ~ Short evening walk > Dinner
PM20:00 ~ Toilet > Bedtime

(This schedule is subject to change
according to weather conditions and season)

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